Solid Hair Conditioner Bar 4 oz

Solid Hair Conditioner Bar 4 oz

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Dry, Tangled hard to comb hair? KNOT today freinds!

This solid  4 oz natural Hair conditioner bar will make your hair silky, smooth & frizz free while adding incredible shine & conditioning as well as soothing your scalp.

Ingredients: BTMS 25, Ceytl alcohol, coconut oil, jojoba oil, Cocoa Butter, medowfoam seed oil, Panthenol,  Glycerin, vitamin E , silk amino acids , fragrance.

The scent is light, fresh and clean and will match any shampoo scent you may use.

Pear blossom, fresh strawberry, kiwi, and lemon are at the top of this fragrance. Lily of the valley and honeysuckle are at the middle, and golden amber and warm musk are at the bottom making this one of the best scents on earth.

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